This is the Luton BSAC members only site, if you are not a member please leave the site.

On your first login you must register yourself using the Register tab with the email you have registered on the club list
Your password should consist of a combination of UPPER CASE, lower case and numbers and will not be accepted unless it does
please do not use simple to guess passwords such as Pass123  or the site could be compromised, remember it is your data we are trying to keep safe.

You will now receive an email with a link you must click, this will register you and you will not have to go through this process again, just use the Login link.

You will now have access to the club contact list and the Risk Assessment Form.

Clicking the above club icon will return you to the main website, better to just log out and close this page or you will have 2 pages open as this window is in a new session.


Important; Luton BSAC privacy agreement in line with GDPR for our members

Luton BSAC club members privacy is important to us and we are constantly working to keep you up to date with the latest information. Our new club Privacy Policy has been created in light of the new European data protection law (GDPR) that will come into effect in later this month (25th). The committee is dedicated to protecting your personal information and to being transparent about the information we are collecting about you and what we do with it.

All we ask you to do now, is to ask for your consent to continue to send you information (email)  on club trips, social events etc.., which helps us all to continue to run the club efficiently.  If you'd like to continue hearing from Luton BSAC , you MUST update your decision.


You have to right to choose by the following link (click on text to open)  Click on : Link here    


At any time, your data and email can be removed from our secure databases by emailing: GDPR@lutonbsac.co.uk


To view theClub Privacy Policy click on this link




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