About us

Luton BSAC was formed in 1960. We are a club that goes diving!
Our members can be found diving almost every weekend of the year (weather permitting!). Trips range from a training day trip to Stoney Cove in Leicestershire, to the ultimate wreck or reef diving locations around the world. We spend most of our weekends diving from charter boats or the 5.7m Club RIB on the South Coast, as this is only a couple of hours drive away from Luton. While the UK offers fantastic diving opportunities, many of our members take their annual holiday to dive in Lanzarote, Red Sea, Maldives, Galapagos and Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. Our diving and training varies from wrecks and reefs to single cylinder and technical CCR diving. We welcome all new divers, trained or untrained, from all organizations, PADI, SSI, CMAS,TDI, IANTD, NAUI etc where members can either choose to further their skills or organize dive trips together. Whether you want to dive every weekend, practice your skills, or just dive on holiday, you will be a welcome member of our scuba diving club. We are also a diving club with a good social scene for those non-diving partners or friends to get involved.

Where are we

We can be found at Inspire: Luton Sports Village, Hitchin Road LU2 8DD  at 9pm every Thursday night
We have exclusive access to a modern new facility, with a pool depth range of 1 meter to 5 meters deep.
No other club can offer such a deep training pool within the area! It is perfect for basic or advanced training. Equipment testing and checks can also be done at this greater depth.
Nearby, Luton Borough Council provides us with a central location for our boat storage, equipment and O2 clean compressor, Nitrox and Trimix available.

Club news

18-05-2016 last weekend diving was out of Brighton and the club RIB was out of Portland, the RIB is now located in the Marina at Weymouth for the summer/autumn season, making towing not needed and faster access to the coast for divers wishing to use the RIB

22-04-2016 The Maldives trip was another success, although the manta rays seemed to have taken their holidays elsewhere, more qualifications were gained at the last training day. The club has been diving out of Portland a couple of times getting our newer members in. The club RIB is now to be stationed at Weymouth for the summer, saving on towing costs and the lack of drivers with towing on their licence. One of our instructors has taken a job at a dive school in Croatia, good luck Dave!

16-03-2016 The club training day for April will be Saturday 9th April. If you would like training please contact the Training Officer with your requirements.

05-03-2016 Hi, it’s been a while since my last update, but that doesn’t mean to say we haven’t been diving, despite the sometimes bad/windy days a lot of diving has been done mostly on the south coast, in the last season members have been to Australia- Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Melbourne, Croatia, Thailand, Red Sea, Scotland, Scilly Isles, and Northern Ireland. In the near future we are off to The Maldives, Iceland, Antarctica and Red Sea. Training has been going on through out the season and is continuing through the colder months. The gas mixing station is getting well used for Nitrox and Trimix, probably due to the high numbers of people who have passed the Gas Blending course, these courses were mostly done in house by one of our qualified instructors, if you are an air diver our free fills from the storage banks is done in a matter of minutes. The recent Dinner Dance was a great success at our usual venue, the Icon Hotel, Luton, 67 people attended to make a great night, we raised money for the RNLI and Scuba Trust.

09-06-2015 Another roundup: a lot of diving has ben taking place from 'hardboats' on the South Coast and viz is reported good so far, apart from Fishguard where it was almost zero viz, the RIB has also been out; from Weymouth for the Bank Holiday Weekend, more RIB diving is being planned. Numerous training dives have taken place at Stoney Cove. The trimix and nitrox mixing panel is fully operational now; with a booster pump for oxygen and helium. Trips are being planned for 2015-2018 to Iceland, Antartica, Maldives, Truk Lagoon, Red Sea, Socorro Islands - Mexico for the Sardine Run.

19-03-2015 The Dinner Dance at the Icon Hotel was a great success with over 70 people attending. The RIB has recently been used for a boat handling course. The mixed gas blending course had a good take up, we now have an instructor trained to be able to qualify divers on this.

27-02-2015 This weekend we have divers going to Stoney Cove for some fun diving, and a Mixed Gas Blending course on Sunday so we can use the club's blending equipment to do Nitrox amd Trimix fills, the training day for March has been set

04-02-2015 Sport Diver and Dive Leader training starts at Stoney Cove this weekend.

21-01-2015 Time for another round up of upcoming events; This Saturday at Stony we are doing Ocean Diver training, with Sports Diver Training due to start in February, we have an in house BSAC Mixed Gas Blending Course being run by our instructors. The annual Dinner Dance is being held at the Icon Hotel on 7th March.

21-01-2015 Birthday Bash this Saturday for 2 members birthdays

14-01-2015 Easter RIB trip being planned.

10-01-2015 we have an in-house BSAC compressor course running today by one of our instructors

09-01-2015 Time for a round up of what the club has been up to, the Nemo trip was great fun, with 2 other clubs joining us, we had a Christmas Dinner in the Jolly Toppers Pub in December with 42 people going, with some off to the Casino afterwards for a late drink. Diving is now mostly training dives, a couple of Hard boats looking to be booked for January/February as some good deals about. We have had divers in the Red Sea for Christmas and New Year, and up and coming trips to The Maldives and Croatia.

27-11-2014 The Clubs annual Nemo trip to Belgium is almost here, with a big group going December 6/7, diving, eating and drinking!

27-11-2014 The new committee was voted in last night, see FAQ dropdown.

25-11-2014 The AGM is tonight in the function room of the Moat House pub in Luton LU3 1UU at 8pm.

21-11-2014 There has been a fair bit of diving going on here in the UK but disappointingly the bad viz continued until the end of the season, the trips to Malta and Red Sea were more successful with further Red Sea and Scilly Isles trips booked, the RIB was busy for a week in Plymouth. Training is now getting busy using Stoney Cove, Gildenburgh and Chepstow for open water training.

16-09-2014 It is a while since I have been able to update the Club News, but we have had plenty of diving in numerous places, including Portsmouth, Plymouth, Anglesey, Brighton, Lymington and others, also we have had training days at Stoney Cove, Chepstow and Gildenborough and we have had the RIB out to sea. Unfortunatley the viz has not been good this year at many sites.

10/11-05-2014 Dives out of Newquay and Lundy both blown out, members having to go to Chepstow to get wet!

03-05-2014 Dived out of Brighton on the Aristos, the viz is still bad at 0.5-1m.

28-04/04/2014 A bit of a roundup of news. Truk Lagoon was a great success as usual for the best wreck diving in the world, see pictures. Easter weekend in Portland saw our RIB operating a shuttle service to the dive sites to get our new Ocean Divers in the sea, visibility pretty poor but they all did well in the conditions. We currently have 4 club members in the Maldives and they have already sent back some great film

01-03-2014 Club Dinner this Saturday at the Icon Hotel, should be a good night!

22-23/02/2014 Diving out of Plymouth this weekend unless we get blown out and then it will be Chepstow Diving Centre.

15-16/02/2014 We had a very successful and enjoyable time meeting everybody at our Pod at the Dive Show, see our Pod

15-16 Feb Come and meet us at our "Pod" at the Dive Show at Excel, guess the weight of the bell and win a prize!

Jan/Feb Many training dives have been done at Stoney (bit cold) and we have run a PRM course at Gildenburgh, unfortunatly due to the appalling weather all sea diving has been blown out. The Club Annual Dinner is on the 1st March at the Icon Hotel.

14-15/12/2013 2 of our members got their Trimix Rebreather qualifications at Chepstow this weekend, well done!

7-8/12/2013 Another great trip to
Nemo 33 and the Christmas Markets of Brussels, of course the great beers had to be sampled as well, and all only 2 hours away by Eurostar!

04/12/2013 A couple of our divers were taken on their first night dive at Stoney Cove, a bit chilly at 10 degrees but thouroughly enjoyable.

Christmas closing dates, 26th December and 2nd January, Splash will be filmed here in January but we should still be able to use the pool.

28/11/2013 We have still been diving over the last 2 months but have been a bit busy to update the news on time. We had a week on MV Voyager in the Red Sea which was a nice change to the cold here, some sea diving is still going on and we have had training days at Stoney, next training day is 22nd December. The club went Paint Balling. Earlier this month we had an “indoor BBQ”and we have a club Dinner this Saturday which will be well attended and a prelude to the Christmas Season’s festivities!

14/09/2013 Club dive out of Swanage, fortunately the wind held off for Saturday and a good time was had by all, including the social after.

08/09/2013 Dived on Caleb Sprague from Brighton, viz ok but dropping off a bit, a rough ride but good dive

30-31/08/2013 Some good mid channel diving done, one in French waters on the Eugine Schneider, viz is still supprisingly very good.

24-25/08/2013 Despite the foul weather a boat load of trainees dived out of Brighton and some diving was done out of Littlehampton

11-16/08/2013 Club trip to Scillies went well ejoyed by all; so much they have rebooked for next year!

16/08/2013 Divers get out from Swanage despite the wind conditions

15/08/2013 Diving out of Lymington on an unknown wreck that turned out to be a barge, weather blown up a bit, still good viz on mid-channel wrecks though.

06-07/08/2013 2 great days diving out of Lymington with the mid channel wrecks still giving perfect viz, see videos

20-21/07/2013 Club diving out of Weymouth and Lymington, still great viz. The bell of the SS Daylesford was found and raised.

18/07/2013 Diving out of Lymington mid Channel unidentified wreck, identified as the SS Hopedale

13-15/07/2013 Exceptional weather for a change had club divers diving out of Newquay, Swanage and Brighton, all getting stunning viz, 98 Dolphins spotted on one day in Newquay by spotter for the One Show on BBC

06/07/2013 Club member diving out of Brighton reports stunning viz, being able to see divers on their 6m stops clearly from the surface, diving the Aristos

28-30/06/2013 Finally after more blow outs we get good weather for 9 club members diving the shallower wrecks off Newquay.

14-15/06/2013 Bad weather blows out trips from Bridport and Dartmouth, when will we get some decent weather?

09/06/2013 Returned from Torrevieja, Spain. Dissapointing diving, good setup but bad viz!

June 2013 Diving coming up, a few of us are going to Alicante, Spain to dive on the wrecks there, a trip to Swanage has been organised, a weekend in Dartmouth and there is a training day at Stoney Cove; plus some odd midweek and weekend dives.

May 2013 we have managed some diving this month; in Scapa Flow, from Lymington, Brighton and Portland, the viz over the last week has been stunning but water still a bit chilly. Coming up we have a training day at Stoney Cove on 9th June. A few of us are going to dive the wrecks out of Spain near Alicante the first week of June

22/04/2013 Training day on Saturday at Stoney Cove got 2 trainees in the water in dry suits as well as other training going on.
Over the weekend we did get diving from Brighton and Lymington, viz ok but not brilliant, and water freezing at 6 degrees, no long deco here, 2 years ago almost exactly I dived the same wreck and the water was 10 degrees!

20-21/04/2013 Club members going out from Brighton and Lymington on Hard boats, weather permitting!

18-19/05/2013 Training weekend booked on club RIB at Portland for new divers.

20/04/2013 Stoney Cove-next training day booked.

09/04/2013 Maldives-members return from some excellent diving and fun. Pictures shortly

28-31/03/2013 Dartmouth dives totally blown out by weather conditions

23/03/2013 Club Dinner and Dive Show, should be a good day.

17/03/2013 Training day at Stoney Cove,new members doing drysuit training and others testing new kit, and yes it was snowing.

13/03/2013 Compressor water vapour and oil testing was carried out, results were perfect, detailed results are available.

10/03/2013 Members return from 3 weeks in Truk, excellent as usual, nice to meet the Dunstable Club out there.

02-03/02/2013 Weekend at Stoney Cove for Training and check out dives, water a bit chilly but viz quite reasonable.

26/01/2013 Club Annual Dinner on 23rd March at Icon Hotel Luton.

15/12/2012 The Unofficial Club Dinner was well attended and greatly enjoyed by those that came, there were a few sore heads in the morning. A small excess was made and will be sent to the RNLI.

8-9/12/2012 A very enjoyable weekend in Brussels was had by all, starting with "the madness of Nemo 33"

20/11/2012 The AGM was held tonight, important issues to do with the new siting of the club and its equipment were dealt with. The new Committee will be posted shortly

12/11/2012 Club returned from Malta after a week of good weather and excellent diving, pictures posted in gallery.

03/11/2012 Club AGM Tuesday 20th November, 8pm at the Moat House in Luton.

26/10/2012 Dave passed his Open Water Instructor exam, well done Dave.

23/10/2012 two club members dived the Moldavia wreck out of Brighton, a nice flat sea and good viz! Wreck was covered in shoals of Pouting; sometimes blocking your view.

21/10/2012 Dave takes his Open Water Instructor practical exam, good luck!

20/10/2012 Dived on the Aristos out of Brighton, bad viz but superb wreck with Galley, engine room and bridge still standing.

09/10/2012 Depopsits now being taken for Nemo33 (Brussels) 8/9 December; and Christmas get together/Dinner at Jolly Toppers 15th December.

13/14 October Eurotech in Birmingham, several members going for the weekend, expecting usual high quality event.

07/10/2012 Divers returned from the Galapagos Islands where they had a brilliant time, just waiting for their pictures to add to the Gallery.

22/09/2012 Newquay. Dived on AMS Patia, an armed merchant cruiser sunk by U-Boat in 1918. Sunday blown out.

15/16/09/2012 two good dives on Channel Diver out of Eastbourne, crab and lobster population seems to be picking up well

07/09/2012 A dive on the Duke of Buccleuch out of Brighton was very enjoyable on a bright and sunny day. The Duke was a 4 masted Barque built in 1873.

02/09/2012 Members dived the wreck of the Daylsford out of Lymington on Wight Spirit, a good dive was had by all depite it being a bit choppy.

26/08/2012 Divers going to the Galapagos Islands practiced their open circuit skills at Stoney Cove prior to their soon departure, one brave soul used his wetsuit, see gallery!

27-31/08/2012 Newquay week affected by weather with only 2 days diving, deep wrecks, Obdam and Pattia dived

25/08/2012 Nemo 33 trip 8th & 9th December needs to be booked soon for those interested, a very enjoable time was had last year.

23/08/12 Our first night in the new pool was enjoyed by our memnbers, with just snorkel, mask and fins to check it and its 5m depth, try dives next week, and cameras, Rebreathers and other kit coming up.

21/08/2012 The Ispire pool has opened early and our first night here is on 23rd August, meeting at 20:45, just swim and snorkel first week while things get sorted out.

16/08/2012 Inspected new pool at Inspire, very impressive, pictures too follow, first club night here on 30th August.

16/08/2012 Scillies Trip; everyone had a relaxing time (apart from the rough ferry crossing) and enjoyed playing with the seals, see pictures.

11/08/2012 Club members had a good dive in Dover, see pictures in gallery.

11-12/08/2012 A surprisingly good weekend (as wind was up, but in right direction) in Newquay with 2 good dives, on St George we recovered 100Kg of copper ingots (skipper is wreck owner), dived Pacific Reliance on Sunday.

9/8/12 11 days till Inspire Luton Sports village opens.... Wet side a week later.. They have even published the programme- Thursday nights "private hire" = Luton BSAC!! http://www.activeluton.co.uk/inspire

4/8/12  Club trip to the Scilly Isles takes place today

28/7/12  We have just spent the weekend diving out of Dover on Neptune, & Littlehampton on Voyager

27/7/12  50 days to go until the club Galapagos trip!

1/7/12  Nemo 33 in December? Who’s keen to come? Planning to take place in October

30/6/12  New Pool to open 20th August 2012, 1st Club night on 30th August